Series, duets and standalones

Completed Series

The Ready Series

Deeply emotional, the Ready Series will stay with you well beyond the last page.

When You're Ready
Ready to Wed
Never Been Ready
Ready for You
Ready or Not

Completed Series

The Walls Duet

Inspirational and raw. This love story will send you on a rollercoaster of emotions.
*Behind These Walls is a spinoff and can be read as a standalone.
Within These Walls
Beyond These Walls
Behind Closed Doors

Completed Series

Lost & Found Duet

Full of angst and mystery, the Lost & Found duet will have you racing to the finish line.

Forgetting August
Remembering Everly

Completed Series

By The Bay Series

Take a trip to the beach and fall in love with this small town series set in Ocracoke, NC.

The Choices I've Made
The Scars I Bare
The Lies I've Told
The Mistakes I've Made

Standalone Novels

From a bestselling writer with one hell of a secret to a troubled teen finding love in a bookstore, these standalone novels have something for everyone. 

The Tattered Gloves
The Affair

Coming Up...

I hated Rian Ivers from the moment we met. I’d seen his posters around town, promising a bright future if he was elected mayor, but the man I met was anything but.

When he stormed into my office, tall and brooding, accusing me of bad parenting? Well, let’s just say, I enjoyed showing him the door. 

I thought that would be the last we’d see of each other, but when he showed up at my diner the next day, seeking a job for his troubled daughter, I wondered if my first impression might need a second chance. 

I wasn’t looking for love. I was perfectly happy with my life just the way it was. But, the more I got to know the man behind the cheesy campaign slogans and the stuffy suits, the more I began to wonder…

Was this meant to be, or was it just another foolish happenstance?

Check back for updates.