Reading Order

While most books in my series can be read as standalones, here are all series and reading order for those who may need some help.
Standalones are not listed below since they can be read in any order.
  • When You’re Ready
  • Ready to Wed
    • Included at the end of this novella is a short story, Never Been More Ready, which should be read after Never Been Ready.
  • Never Been Ready
  • Ready for You
  • Ready or Not
  • Within These Walls
  • Beyond These Walls
  • Behind Closed Doors

Included in the boxed set is a short story, What Love Built, which should be read after Behind Closed Doors.

  • Forgetting August
  • Remembering Everly

Included in the paperback edition of Remembering Everly is a bonus chapter that should be read after the completion of the book.

  • The Choices I’ve Made
  • The Scars I Bare
  • The Lies I’ve Told
  • The Mistakes I’ve Made