Signed Books

How to buy signed books:

Signed books can be purchased over on my Etsy store. I ship worldwide and keep an updated inventory of what I have on hand. 

A few things to know about signed books:

  • There are limited original covers listed. Once these are gone, they will not be available anywhere else. If you’re a collector, make sure you check them out!  All other titles will be replenished as stock runs out. 
  • Make sure to indicate who you wish the book to be made out to, otherwise I will just sign with generic greeting. 
  • I cannot accept returns or exchanges on personalized books, but if there is a problem with your order (i.e. it’s damaged) please let me know. 

The ironic part, the real twist of the story that made the fates laugh and cackle high up in the clouds, was the realization that I hadn’t even seen the extent of life’s cruelty yet because in that moment, I realized two things. 

One, I was falling for Lailah Buchanan. 

And two, she was dying.

Jude Cavanaugh

Within These Walls